Green Practices & Social Initiatives

In nature, everything is co-dependent, which enriches an individual and the entire system. We try to aid the same system with our small-big initiatives. 

Reduce, Reuse,

Also known as the concept of 3Rs, you will find our little efforts of implementing it in internal flooring, false ceiling, and construction of spaces. All the materials used to build them are recyclable, reusable and used without wastage.

The Seedball

For every plant that is planted, nature smiles and blesses the world. Moreover, the quality of the surroundings improves. To push this thought forward, we have started the Seedball Initiative wherein we plant seedballs made from seeds, compost and soil in the open land of premises of Grape County.


Rain Water Harvesting

Water, being a precious resource in today’s world, should be conserved at any cost. And so, we have built a three man-made lakes in our premises that helps saves  13 crore, 1.4 crore, 5.5 crore consecutively.

Energy Saving

There are multiple ways to do our bit for nature, and at Grape County, we understand that. Thus, we have taken initiatives to save power and energy on our premises. For example, you will notice the use of skylights instead of artificial lights and energy-efficient plumbing fixtures.


For us giving back to society is not just an empty statement, it’s a promise we always keep. We have undertaken initiatives where we educate local rural community and hone their skills. We train these folks in basic etiquettes, English-speaking, and other professional mannerisms. Once basic learning is achieved, we provide them employment opportunities where they can utilize these skills to create a sustainable livelihood.


Building a sustainable model is limited to our premises. We try and incorporate it in every little initiative we take to highlight this region like cycling activities and eco drives.