Bringing the horse-riding culture to Nashik City.

County Ranch is a fun and friendly environment where you can safely learn the intricacies of riding horses. While horse riding is a great stressbuster, it requires building muscle memory, gaining strength and improving body balance and concentration. With this activity, we hope to inculcate a bond of love, trust, and respect in a whole new generation of young riders who will carry it with them for generations to come.

Horses you can meet at
Grape County


They were used as cavalry horses and renowned for their hardiness and bravery in battle.


Bred as a desert war horse for going long distances in rough terrains on minimal rations.

European Ponies

Have shorter legs, thicker necks, and shorter heads and are suitable for children to learn to ride.

*All our horses have been trained and taught groundwork and commands, making them safe for children and adults.

Try your hand at becoming a jockey

Basic Course – 3 days
(3 sessions)

– Introduction to stable & horses
– Mounting & dismounting
– Basic horse riding with assistance

Intermediate Course – 1 month
(12 sessions)

– Introduction to stable and horses
– Mounting & dismounting
– Basic horse riding with assistance
– Grooming the horse
– Introduction to trot

Advance Course – 3 months
(30 sessions)

– Introduction to stable & horses
– Mounting & dismounting
– Basic horse riding with assistance
– Grooming the horse
– Introduction to walk/trot/canter
– Introduction to rising with exercise
– Steering & halting
– Rising while walking with assistance
– Trotting in lunge

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