A community affair

The actual tint of local culture comes out through community interaction and activities. To encourage it, we host multiple events every year.

Anjaneri Ultra
Trail Run

Highlighting majestic mountains, pristine blue lakes and the pleasant climate of Nashik, this run has been motivating sports, fitness and travel enthusiasts to pursue the region as a sports and tourism destination.

Keeda fest

Do you know that insects ensure soil, water, and air enrichment? Thus, to increase awareness and spread knowledge about them, we host this fest every year that attracts many people.

Annual Farmer’s

Local products, businesses, handicrafts, and farmers play a vital role in building the culture and economy of a region. Evidently, we play a crucial role to promote such practices through this event.


Motivating community culture, this event lets people interact, engage in fun activities and have a gala time together.